Ostrich Feather Fans
Our Price: $123.75

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Peacock Marabou Fans

Our Price: $24.25
Price is for one fan..My marabou fans edged with peacock heads come in a wide variety of colors. The allure and mystique of peacocks will add to your dance. They can summon a fiery Latin flair, a flirtatious mood, or soft feminine flair.
Completely open they measure approximately 17" high by 30" wide.
Some sites sell fans that are 15" X 27"or 10" X 20", Mine are much larger and have 23 blades (staves). Staves may be white, cream, or same color as fans.

These fans must be re-enforced to make them "danceable". Be sure to follow my instructions before using them. Printed instructions included with all shipments.

Shipping is $9 for one, & adjust more for each fan/weight of the total.

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