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My name is Meleea. I first heard Middle Eastern music when I was four years old. One of my Nana's neighbors was from Syria. The music fascinated me and I frequently deserted Nana for the neighbor's on my weekly visit. I began my dance studies in Boston with Mme. Tatiana Babushkina of the Russian Ballet and jazz dance with Stanley Brown. While traveling the country, I taught exercise classes for various YMCA and Community Education facilities and in England studied jazz dance at the Covent Garden Dance Center. In Ohio, while teaching exercise classes and performing with the Wright Patterson Dance Club, I enrolled in Middle Eastern dance classes with Schehera, then Nejat. After several years of study, I began to teach and formed my troupe Benat al Quaria. We performed annually at the Dayton Museum of Art's Oktoberfest, The Riverbend Art Festival, The Dayton River Festival, the Dayton Neighborhood Performance program and various workshop shows. I danced for three years at Jepeto's Lebanese Restaurant in Kettering, Ohio and at several other locations (Roadrunner Lounge/Ramada Inn West) for 2 and 3 years as a soloist. Since moving to Dallas, I have continued to teach and perform at special events (award banquets, charity balls, wedding receptions, private parties) and also at fund raisers for the Children's Miracle Network, the Rockwall Seniors (Keenagers) and the Rockwall Historical Society. I've been involved in this beautiful dance form for 32 years and am still constantly updating my knowledge with workshops and lessons. This year, I spent 7 days in Berlin, Germany taking an intensive dance workshop with Beata & Horacio Cifuentes, internationally known stars/teachers and performing in their Studio Show. I also presented a Feather Fan Workshop (one of my specialties) in Orlando, Fl sponsored by Andrea Farese of Babylon Breeze. For the beginner, I offer private and semi-private lessons that emphasize proper warm up, posture, strengthening, plus footwork, isolations, and combinations. I give my students the opportunity to perform (if they wish) at various charity events and haflas. For the advanced dancer who wants to learn specialties , like the use of sword, cane, candles, double veils (circular or rectangular), tray balancing, feather fans, Pharonic presentations, I have performed all of these and am happy to share my knowledge with you in private lessons. Pricing: Each lesson is one and a half hours long and includes warm up with gentle yoga postures, soft cardio. Then isolations, exercises, basic steps, and eventually combinations and dances. For the advanced dancer, the specialty follows. If you wish to videotape your lesson for an extra $15, you can bring a blank tape for that purpose.

Private Lessons: $30 if you pay for one lesson (in advance to secure your time slot) If you pay for four lessons in advance, you pay only $25 per lesson, but you must take these 4 lessons within that 4 week period, No carry over to the next month. If you notify me 48 hours in advance that you cannot make a scheduled lesson, I will try to accommodate you with a different time slot within that 4 week period.

Semi-private: Two to three dancers constitute a semi-private lesson. Each dancer pays $48 for her 4 lessons. Payment must be made at least one week in advance of the first lesson to secure your place. No carry over to the next month. If you miss a lesson & your partner/s take it, you have lost your $12. There is no refund or carry over.

Lessons are one and a half hours long.

Please e-mail me if you have any specific questions and would like to set up lessons.

You can use your credit card to pay for lessons by going to http://www.paypal.com and "Send Money" to meleea@beledi.com or you can send a check or money order in the mail to Meleea's Bazaar 3915 Mediterranean Street Rockwall, TX, 75087 First you must secure a time slot with me for your lessons. Make out the check or money order to Meleea! Once we have set a date and time, I will give you specific directions. If you would like to set a date to chat and check your traveling time to my location, we may be able to do that also.

Just send me an e-mail. meleea@beledi.com

Joyous dancing,