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FANS_BS1   Bamboo Staved Dancing Fans
DVD_2   Between the Veils
fANS_Ostrich_4   Burlesque Ostrich Fans
FANS_CHINESE1   Chinese Dancing Fans
FANS_SS2   Custom Fans
FANS_SS3   Custom Fans
DVD_4   DVD Combo (Flickering Flames and Tray Chic)
FANS_VEILS5   Embers Fan Veils
DVD_6   Fantasy Feather Fans
FANS_VEILS1   Fiery Fan Veils
DVD_5   Flickering Flames/
FANS_VEILS9   Green and White Fan Veils
FANS_MA2   Kung Fu style fan
FANS_MB2   Marabou Fans
FANS_MB3   Marabou Fans
DVD_7   Navel Maneuvers
fANS_Ostrich_9   Ostrich /marabou Fans 20"//
FANS_Ostrich_1   Ostrich Feather Fans
Fans_Ostrich_2   Ostrich Feather Fans
fans_Ostrich_3   Ostrich Feather Fans
fANS_Ostrich_6   Ostrich Feather Fans
fANS_Ostrich_7   Ostrich Feather Fans
fANS_Ostrich_8   Ostrich Feather Fans - Burlesque
fANS_Ostrich_5   Ostrich floss Feather Fans/no longer available
FANS_VEILS7   Smoke Monster Fan Veils
DVD_8   Strictly Silk Fan Veils
DVD_1   Strictly Silk Fan Veils///
DVD_3   Super Deal (Fantasy Feather Fans and Feather Your Nest)
DVD_9   Super Fan Veils
DVD_10   Sword Play
FANS_MA1   Tai chi dance fans
DVD_11   Tray Chic

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